The first blog

being home… I’ve been home all day. This is something very unusual for me. Yesterday I was home all day as well and so having two days at home, not going anywhere, not going to dance, or scouts, or to my dad’s, or to the store, just home. Not getting in the car, Not carting the kids around… This is just plain weird for me. So why am I blogging. I’ve almost found myself bored. I tell the kids that only boring people get bored and I refuse to fall into the boring category. Also I’ve wanted sort of a diary of my time, it seems to go by way too fast. My kids are 15, 13, 9, and 3. We’ve been homeschooling since my oldest was 5 and none of my kids have ever been in public school. Don’t go thinking I’m ultra religous or a bit crazy, (well maybe a little crazy). We homeschool because we can and we don’t particularily like the public, government school system. Conservative yes, Christian yes, but homeschool due to the better student teacher ratio, better academics, more family time, etc…
So if we homeschool how come I’m not usually home two days in a row? Daughter child has dance and venture crew, and lots and lots of friends, 2 sons have scouts and the little one is in nothing yet. I’m looking forward for big C to get her license this September, it will free me up more, and I won’t have any idea what to do with the extra time.

A little about me, I’ll be 39 next week, which is interesting because I was 38 for two years but doing the math figured out I’ll be turning 39 unfortunately the same day as President O.  I keep bees for fun and sell my honey if I don’t give it away.  I started keeping bees about 5 or 6 years ago because I was highly interested in the problems they were having.  I own 7 or 8 hives and pulled close to 10 gallons of honey this summer.  I homeschool, but I already said that….If you’re interested though I use the Robinson Curriculum and the kids and I are doing great with it.  We own a few animals, 3 goats, six dogs, and seven chickens.  The goats are being used to help clear our land.  We have 14 acres but can only get on about 2 of them.  There’s just too many briars.  We have signed up for a prescribed burn but that hasn’t happened yet. (the waiting list was two years!) 

Enough of that for now,

talk at you world later

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