Why “Winkingbees”? Bees and other stuff

I thought tonight I’d explain how my name came about. Wink is a childhood name that I think started with my brother. He still calls me wink. I chose to keep that name through college when I was on the vax computer boards. I remember spending hours talking through the vax machines with my husband to be. We had sort of a digital romance, mixed with other encounters. My husband P was/is my brother’s best friend. One of the funny things I remember was I was always available for a free lunch. I had guys asking me to lunch all the time. P then started asking me to lunch. Being naive like I was I’d say yes, and then during lunch he’d ask me to lunch for the next day. It got to be so often that we did lunch that the other guys who asked me started wondering why I kept saying no to them. (P had already asked)… The truth is I never had a chance. P played me well. 🙂

Why Bees?  This was pretty obvious.  I’m a beekeeper.  I love bees.  Honey bees have interested me a long time.  About five or six years ago I took a class on beekeeping, won some free bees, bought some bees and never looked back.  As an insect, bees undergo a full metamorphosis.  So they’re great for teaching science to little ones (remember I homeschool).  There are three types of bees in a given hive.  The queen, the workers and the drones.  Interestingly enough (at least to me) the queen and the workers are genetically identical.  By that I mean there is nothing genetically  different required to make a worker a queen.  There is still genetic variances between them of course.  What makes a queen a queen is merely environmental.  Queens get fed royal jelly the entire time they are a larvae while workers only get royal jelly for a few days ( I think three).  Drones are the double x equivalent of humans.  But they are boys and not girls.  I love the drones.  They have no stinger.  And it’s quite fun to say that they act like some men.  They don’t help feed the young, they don’t clean, nor collect pollen, nor nectar.  In fact every winter they get kicked out of the hive and are left to starve.

So why winkingbees?  I’m “wink” and I love bees.  Simple enough.  I didn’t even think about the name more than a few minutes.   Thanks bunches for sharing my life with me! Later.


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