Movies at home, kids and God

There are two major groups of people in my home.  Those who like animated or G-rated movies and those who prefer something else.  The usual way to make watching movies easier in the house is to watch one in the bedroom and one in the living room.  It’s starts off almost perfect.  The kids are happy.  The parents are happy.  All is peaceful.  Then just when I start to relax and get interested in the story, the little one wants attention.  She wants Mommy to come and be with her.  She can’t be assuaged.  Her dad picks her up and puts her in his lap…And then the questions start…

“What do those ghosts do?” “Where’s the ghost?” “I like the chihuahua movie.” “How did he do that?” “I wanna get a different movie?” “Daddy, you can see a different channel on the computer.”  “How do they get out?” “Daddy, how do they get out?” “Through the door.” “There’s ghosts everywhere.”(This was quoted from a Dresden Files show.)

And on and on it goes.   The little one sitting on Daddy’s lap so that Mommy can have some time.  Her daddy is wrapped all the way around her little finger.  One thing I can’t fault my husband on is his ability to father.  He loves the children completely.  He plays with them, he reads with them, he watches shows with him.

My children love to talk.  The old adage is true.  We spend the first two years trying to get them to talk and then the rest of the time getting them to hush and be quiet.  The problem with children is that if you take the time to listen to them they actually have something decent to say.  My younger boy is especially imaginative, my older boy is extremely logical…They see things that I don’t see.  It’s like they’re looking at things from outside the box all of the time.  I might answer the question “what is four?” by counting to four or adding 2 and 2.  They’d come up with 100/25 or 7-3.  They get to the same answer but in a different way.  If they’re feeling particularly obnoxious that day they’d give me an answer more like 98-96+3 times 0 and then just add 4, just for fun.

Kids can be so much fun.  They’re so energetic, they’re so surprising.  They never stop.  They’re more than sponges, though they do remember everything you say, especially when you say something you shouldn’t have.  Their brains are busy picking up on everything around them. Have you ever felt overwhelmed?  Can you imagine how overwhelming it must have been when we first entered this world?

Children are a blessing from God, they teach us that we really don’t know anything and that we have a long way to go before we’re perfect.  Without children some may never know just how much the Creator loves us.  How many times have you thought, even for the briefest moment, “it’d be a easier life without them”. Or think you’d have money a plenty if you hadn’t had kids?  It may be true, but consider how much easier God’s job would be if He didn’t have kids?  What if He’d given up on mankind and decided to stick with horses, or giraffes all the world over?  Where would we be but for a figment of the imagination?

Children can be taxing, but the reward of parenting is far, far richer than all the money in the world.  God bless you and yours!  Good night!


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