The United States of America is an amazing country.  You can do anything here.  You can hike, swim, climb, kayak, snorkel.  Anything you can think of, you can do here on US soil.  We have oil, gas, coal and lumber all available to us.  There are mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, oceans, canyons, deserts and forests.  There’s every type of weather too.   Physically the United States has it all.

But what makes the United States of America truly great?  It’s people.  People have swarmed here from every nation, trying to make a better life.   We’re all different and we all have different nationalities and we even have different values.  But because of who WE are, WE are great.   Our constitution protects our rights like no other countries’ does. We can speak our mind whether someone else likes what we’re saying or not.  We can worship any religion that we choose or no religion at all.  We can own guns and we can shoot them to defend ourselves or our families, as well as to provide food for ourselves.   We have a right to not let an officer into our houses.  We have a right to a fair trial.  We actually have to be proven guilty instead of having to prove our own innocence.   We have the right to vote, everyone, not just land-owning white men.  Women and men of any nationality are allowed to vote.   The United States Constitution has made this country great by giving us the ability to protect ourselves and our rights from an overbearing government.  Read the Bill of Rights in the constitution and you might be surprised.  You still might not understand but you’ll begin to.

Compare ourselves to other countries and then you’ll start to appreciate your own.  There are countless places where women are not allowed to vote, or even drive or go to school.  Women are considered property in many cultures.

There are now several countries where guns aren’t allowed.  The only problem with that is that the “bad guys” don’t follow the rules and bring the guns anyway.  This leads to massacres like the recent one in Norway.  You know, guns aren’t dangerous any more than hammers are.  It just depends on how you use them.  Law abiding citizens leave their guns at home or in the car when they’re not allowed inside.  But what about those bound to break the law, do they care about leaving their guns behind?  Of course not.

Do you know why we have the freedoms we have?  It’s because unknown numbers of people have fought and died for you to have those freedoms.  They have been tortured, bled and dismembered so that you and I can be free.  They have left behind wives and husbands, children and parents, so that you and I can be free.  They do this so that we can say we don’t like something, or so we can teach our children about God, or so that we can carry a gun when we want to.   They do this because they believe.  They believe it is worth it.  It is worth it.  The United States of America is the last free place on Earth.  Don’t give it up lightly.  Don’t let their sacrifices be for naught.  Remember them and their families, and show them some respect.

I love this country and I hope you do too.


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