Food and memories

Random thoughts… What is your favorite food? Me… I love food. I love sushi if it’s not tuna. I love french fries. I think french fries have been my favorite food for the longest. I like them best homemade with the skins still on. I eat them dipped in apple cider vinegar. Delicious. I have a few weird things I like too. Fresh popped popcorn with lots of butter and some tabasco sauce served with ice cold diet coke. I would eat that watching the rain from my door of one of my college apartments. My favorite apartment. It was a great place. Just my size, I could reach the ceiling and my boyfriend at the time (my husband to be) preferred not to use my bathroom. (He could barely fit in it.) It had two rooms, one with the kitchenette, through which you had to go to get to the bathroom. The other room was the bedroom. I had mattresses covering the floor of my bedroom. All I had to do was dive in the door and be in bed. When I closed the door the room was pitch black no matter what time of day. It was a perfect bedroom. I didn’t even have a closet, just a place to hang my clothes. The door to the apartment faced the driveway of the complex, and when it rained I’d open the door and watch.  The water would just run in.   I called the place my cave.  When I finally moved out of the cave the landlord gave me back my deposit plus interest.  I think he was glad I didn’t sue him.

Another weird food of mine, especially growing up, was mayonnaise and peanut butter sandwiches. I got that from my mom. I also would eat mayo out of the jar by the spoonfuls. Once when I was rather young, I think about 6, I had eaten quite a lot of mayonnaise when my mom and dad learned that it was spoiled. So, trying to be great parents, they did everything they could to get me to throw up. I remember even eating soap in order to make me vomit. Nothing worked. I kept it all down and I never did get sick. I don’t eat mayonnaise quite like that anymore. Sour cream on the other hand. I love sour cream still to this day. Whenever I get to open a new container that first spoonful goes straight to my mouth. I stop there but I still love it.

My favorite fruit is the mango. We used to have a giant mango tree in our back yard. These mangoes weren’t like the ones you see around here. They were huge, almost cantaloupe size. We’d climb the tree and toss them to the ground. A fresh ripe mango is wonderful. Sometimes, though, when a mango isn’t quite ripe enough it tastes kind of sour. So, we pickled them.  We’d cut them up and put the pieces in apple cidar vinegar, tabasco sauce and salt and pepper. Let them sit in the fridge for a few days and then… Yum.  I guess I like my tabasco sauce.  I like tabasco sauce on my omelets too.  I just like spicy food, I guess.  I’m not much of a sweets person but I love my curry, wasabi, and tabasco.  What do you like?

good night ya’ll,


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