My house, what it’s really like

What is family?  What does it look like?  Some families are big and some are small, which is better? Why do some parents seem to have it all together? Do they really have it all together or are they just like everyone else when they go home and close their doors? Let me open my doors for you for a minute. If you were to visit my house you wouldn’t come in the front door. No one uses it. Instead I’d greet you by the side door and have you come right in. You’d walk right through my laundry room first. In the laundry room you’d see dirty clothes on the floor (most of the time), a bench freezer with toilet paper and paper towels sitting on top of it. Several buckets stacked next to the door. Some boxes and other unidentifiable stuff sitting on the floor. Above it all you’d see some shelves that are stacked as high as the ceiling with more stuff. Just my laundry room is quite a mess. With luck you’d keep on coming in instead of run for your life. The next place you’d be is my kitchen. Life runs from the kitchen in my house. It is the favorite place. There’s frequently something cooking. Right now there’s a big box of apples on the floor next to the stove. (I just got these from a good friend’s backyard tree) The apples are green, ugly, and bruised. I’ve been cutting them up for the past several days trying to uses as much as possible. There’s a fresh apple pie sitting in my microwave, waiting for breakfast. (And yes I plan on serving it for breakfast to those who want it.) With luck my counters are clean, my sink is shiny, and my dishwasher is running. Most likely, though, they’re not. We do actually live here. After passing through the kitchen you’d see a bunch of cages stacked against the wall. This is where the dogs sleep. We have four of the metal crates with cushions for four of our dogs to sleep. Next to one is a big blanket for another dog. Their food is in bowls in their crates or next to them, depending on the dog. This “room” also has a corner table that we use for breakfast, lunch and school. I like to make sure the table top to this table actually stays clear. Moving on is the living room area with a big screen TV my dad bought us one year for Christmas. A nasty old red couch, a leather recliner (the kids fight over who gets to sit here and read for school) and other things to sit on. The entire wall that the TV is on is completely covered, mostly in books. Books are obviously important in this family. Under the TV is a Wii and an Xbox, and a cd player and vcr. The entertainment center is complete with everything. In the corner near the TV is a toy box for my youngest. Unfortunately most of her toys are on top or next to the box rather than in it. Like I said before, we do actually live here. My house isn’t clean, or fancy, but it is home. It’s not neat or uncluttered, it’s not something you’d see in a magazine. I have four kids and a husband and my home is wonderful. The rest of the house is quite big, and quite a big mess, you’d probably not see any of it. I’d keep you in “my” area most likely. If you were visiting the kids would stop everything they were doing and come and talk with you too. They’d happily take your kids up to the mess upstairs to play in their rooms, and I would wonder later what your kids told you when they got home. My house is full of unfinished projects, changed dreams, and things I have no idea what are. My bed might be made or it might not. It won’t stop me though, because I love it when people visit. I love it when kids come and hang out, I wish they’d do it more often. If you know me, know that you are welcome to come by, just give a quick ring before to make sure we’re home. (and so I can pick the laundry up off the floor) w

2 thoughts on “My house, what it’s really like

  1. Ran across you on tag surfer… you can visit my house anytime. The beginning of the trip is about the same, come in through the garage and in the side door, past the laundry room (don’t trip over the snow boots, jackets, gloves, etc.– they get hung up when they are dry), into the kitchen… and there are toys everywhere. You see, if my kids play in their rooms their rooms get messy and I make them clean up. So, they just play everywhere else. This morning there was a line of stuffed bears waiting to use the bathroom.

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