Homeschool Rush

It’s the final rush to start school. The Homeschool Rush… I now call it. I already know what the kids will be doing, I’m fairly certain we have everything we need on hand. Still the kids want something new, new pencils or notebooks. Things that mean school is starting. It’s past time to clean out the old stuff but I should probably still do that. We do a different kind of schooling from a lot of other homeschoolers. We use a curriculum that is pretty linear in its approach, start at the beginning and work your way to the end. It has a pretty easy philosophy, learn your three “R’s”. Reading, writing and arithmetic… Pretty simple. The kids learn their history and sciences through reading, and some hands on stuff for science. Writing gives them a chance to express themselves and to practice their grammar and vocabulary. Math is just math. They work through the levels and, as they prove they know it, they move on. I’m not required, except as a catalyst, to keep them moving in the right direction.
My two oldest will both be high schoolers this year; one a freshman, the other a senior. Since their schedules are so full, this year I plan on implementing a “time sheet”. On this they will record what they did and what time the started and finished. I hope this provides more accountability for them. My younger school age son will be entering the 5th grade even though his math is more of a seventh grade math. My trouble with him is keeping him interested so that he doesn’t get bored. What will be keeping me the busiest this year, though, is my almost four-year old. She and I will have to find some fun things for her to do. She already wants to start “school” like the others but she requires my full attention. With B, if it’s quiet, she’s in trouble. Yet when it’s quiet everyone else works better. It can be quite a juggling act keeping B quiet, yet remaining present to the others so they don’t distract themselves. Yet another factor is that my husband works from home. Having him near can be very helpful. If I need to go somewhere I can just leave the kids with him and know they’re fine. Each week we get to go out for lunch. I like having him around. However, he does also sometimes provide an unwanted distraction. It’s often when he needs quiet and the kids are on break, or when the kids need quiet and he’s on break. Getting everyone to actually be quiet at the same time is the true challenge.
I love homeschooling the kids. It is really a way of life. How many families now a days can spend time with their kids and husband every single day? My life is truly blessed. I get to be there for my kids when the “get it” for the first time. I get to see them learn to read and to write. I get to be there when they struggle. I don’t have to leave them with someone else during the most formative times of their lives.

Thanks for reading,

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