Our Staples Trip

I took the kids “shopping” today. Heaven help me! I should never take them with me. I know better. I’ve learned this lesson already. Oh well, I guess I needed a reminder. We went to Staples to take advantage of their penny special. Really, buying things for a penny is a lot of fun. Of course, Staples knows marketing better than I do. They have experts plan everything out to take the most advantage of our unconscious desires, especially our children’s desires. While we were there I was reminded, by my elder son, that we needed printer ink. Then I was reminded, by my elder daughter, that she must have a new bag. And so it went, we bought our penny item and spent another 45 dollars on top of it. Yes, Staples is good at marketing. I knew I was no match when I got there. Exactly why do we need a foot long eraser? What are we going to do with more sharpies? And how many notebooks do we need? I think we have enough to last the entire year.

I have learned my lesson, it is cheaper to leave the kids at home. Much cheaper.


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