Sun and Sand

I had sand in my hair, sand in my ears, sand in my nose and sand in every other possible place you can think of.  It was wonderful.  I haven’t been to the beach since last year. After showering, I still have sand in my ears, and in my hair. I’m expecting I’ll have to change my sheets in the morning because of the sand. I love it.

I’m burned on my right shoulder but not on my left, burned in a funny patch on my back, a little pink on the nose and face but all in all not too bad. I’ve learned that sunscreen needs to be tested before it’s the only one you bring. The sun screen worked great, it wasn’t expired or anything like that but it didn’t spray very well. If it didn’t get rubbed after spraying it left these cool looking lines. My son P has a lovely zig zag on his back that didn’t get any sun. The two youngest also have various splotches. Everyone is a little sore and a little parched but we’ll be just fine by the end of tomorrow.

The beach was beautiful. (of course) The water was perfect, no shock getting in. My sister brought a bunch of boogie boards and so we kept swimming out and riding the waves back in. One time I rode a wave all the way to shore from a good ways out. My sis and nephew were looking for me at first because they thought I got tumbled. Not too long after that wave, though, we were tumbled. (I’m glad I took a good breath when I saw it coming.) The wave took my hat, it’s gone, and tried to take my glasses. It kept me under long enough to be grateful for air and sky. What a blast!


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