A hopefully un-typical day

Today marks our third day of homeschooling for this school year. The children are tired and cranky when they get up. They’re not used to going to bed at a decent hour. Two of them are at least willing to do their school. They know what they need to do and they know what time they’ll be done if they just get busy. So they start their school quickly and without argument. Really a very good start. The third child, however, doesn’t even show up for breakfast. He fell back to sleep. I feel sorry for him but I send his baby sister up to wake him anyway. He eats and seems well enough, then it’s time for him to get started on his school. He wants to read Encyclopedia Brown. I don’t really blame him, but his school book today is Four American Naval Heroes. So the arguments begin. He pouts, he argues, he snaps… bad idea. Now he has to stand next to the wall until he cooperates. He’s very stubborn, he plans on standing all day until he gets his way. I’m beginning to think that he actually will stay there all day. Dad comes in with “you either work or you do school.” C begins reading again but is quick to complain again. Work it is, then. He cleans the chicken coup, he sweeps the floor (I don’t think he’s actually ever swept before.) He empties the dishwasher. Now it’s time for lunch. I fix shells and cheese for three kids and microwave some mac-n-cheese for C. They eat, no problems. After lunch, school or work? Work. Ok, take a bucket out front and collect rocks out of the yard. (We have tons of rocks growing in the front yard, I think the ground prefers to grow rocks than grass.) So we walk around the yard with me pointing out rocks to pick up. I sit down in the shade and let him continue. Finally the bucket is full (C can’t even lift it.) He is sweaty and hot. We carry it together out back to dump the rocks, then I say the magic words. “Ok, go fill up the bucket again.” He looks at me and says, “Oh, alright, I’ll go do my school.” What a wonderful feeling, to win against someone so stubborn. He changed his mind on his own account and actually finished his school today. Or should I say tonight? He didn’t actually finish until well after dinner.

I wonder how tomorrow will be…


4 thoughts on “A hopefully un-typical day

  1. Sounds like C got a really good lesson on what uneducated adults must do to make a living. Maybe next time, you can point out that the paycheck for that kind of work is a rather weak one.

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