Dear God,
How are things going up there right now?  It’s raining here, but I guess you know that.  People here are wanting to know when you plan on coming back.  It’s been quite a while.  Wow!  The lightening is beautiful!  Thanks for the rain, we really need it.
How’s Mom?  Tell her I love her and I hope she’s doing ok.  Dad’s new wife is really nice, I think she would like her. 
The kids are all doing pretty well.  N is supposed to graduate next year.  She sure has turned into an amazing woman.  I pray she finds her place in this crazy world and that she always puts You first.  By the way, that’s pretty hard to do sometimes.  Sorry for not always doing that.  The boys are doing what boys do…trying to make me go to the loony farm.  They are constantly picking on each other.  It’s obvious they love each other very much.  Wow!  That lightening is coming often now.  Little B is adorable.  It’s so hard to be mad at her.  I hope I’m not spoiling her too much.  Bless P for me, please.  Thanks for listening.

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