Life in a homeschooling family

What’s it like? That’s what I’ve always wanted to know. What do those moms do all day? How do they make their kids sit and listen? Do they yell, or lose their temper? In case you want to know what its like, here’s a day in our life.

Homeschooling allows you to spend time with your kids in ways that may not be easy to do otherwise. We just got home this weekend from spending a week at Disney. And no, we didn’t count Disney as school, even though they did learn quite a lot at Epcot. Sunday we were running all day and still had lots of cleaning up and putting away to do before the day was done. Today, Monday, we attempted to get back to school. Not as easy as I had hoped. We did get up this morning, eight o’clock, instead of 7:30. Not too bad since we were all still exhausted from traveling. School on a perfect day starts at 9. We did manage to be dressed by 9, but that was about it. Breakfast was still being eaten at 9:30 this morning. That’s OK. I knew today would be a bit off. We had to get the youngest and the oldest off to dance by 11, so we packed up our school stuff and headed out at 10. Actually leaving on time was a huge accomplishment! One of the boys wanted to watch his baby sister dance and the other started school. The e-reader died on the way, so reading was out. He started on his math. He really did give it a shot, but we were just so tired. (No one was in bed before midnight last night.) After dance, we made a good choice. We chose to enjoy friends that were visiting and friends from around here at the park. I knew today just wasn’t going to work well for school. Anything the kids tried to do was just going to be forgotten or cried over and learning isn’t supposed to be torture. Instead they played a game of kick ball and enjoyed the not too hot end of summer sun, while us moms rejoiced for a little time to chat. Homeschooling can be a tremendous amount of fun but it can be terribly stressful too. As a seasoned homeschooler, I realized a long time ago that moms need each other for support. Our husbands are wonderful people but, as moms are the primary instructors, it’s so refreshing to just be with other moms. People who have similar lives understand one another more readily. I don’t think its possible for a family to homeschool their children for any extended amount of time without outside support. So, today, on an idea set out yesterday evening, around ten homeschooling families met and enjoyed each other for a couple of hours today. Yes, it was definitely a good idea.
After the park we had to rush to music lessons for the youngest, (her first) and then back to dance for the oldest and then finally home at 8:30. All in all I and the kids have been away from home for ten hours today. When we got home it was time for me to cook a quick dinner before the boys got back from scouts. (And yes, dinner was at 9:30 tonight, not that uncommon in this household.) Now at 11 tonight I have had the first chance to sit at the computer and write. It was a great day, tomorrow we’ll do school at home, and that’ll be great too.

Good night folks!

2 thoughts on “Life in a homeschooling family

  1. Always good to hear other homeschoolers living their chaotic lives and loving it. I believe that’s why we homeschool…we are in this as a family and we do it our way.
    Glad you enjoyed Disney!


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