Movie night…

We just finished a foreign movie. I can’t say if it was from Japan or China but that genre, probably Japan. A beautiful love story that ends in tragedy, of course. A blind girl from the Flying Daggers is rescued from the government police by a policeman himself on a mission to bring down the Flying Daggers. They fall in love. Her previous lover, who is a secret agent of the Flying Daggers working with the government police, finds out. In the end they all die and she wasn’t blind after all. (Well, it isn’t completely clear if they all die) Aaahhh, love. All sorts of beautiful cinematography and lots of exaggerated martial arts; really a beautiful movie. It was almost like Romeo and Juliet. I’m surprised more of these movies aren’t seen around here. All subtitles, too. I love subtitles. With the noise in this house it makes watching a movie so much easier. (I’m wearing ear plugs right now.) Even my young man, C, started crying in the end.
Another favorite movie of ours is La Femme Nakita, French with subtitles. There is an English remake of it but the original is much better. We do like some foreign movies. The new series out with the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is pretty good once you get over some certain things. American movies follow lots of rules that foreign movies don’t. The first in this series is much harder to watch than the rest. Of course, I wouldn’t let the children see it.
Yet another favorite, that the kids can’t see, is Kill Bill one and two. The exaggerated martial arts, the explosive blood scenes, the love, the tragedy all make this a movie that is at first hard to watch but in the end worth every second. I guess P and I are a bit odd sometimes. We also liked the Seventh Samarai, but it takes quite a long time to watch. (I think 7 hours.) P keeps threatening to put it on again. I keep protesting because I know I’ll be good for nothing while its playing. Getting that much time without extreme interruption is next to impossible. I do love watching movies.

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