Homeschooling, mules, goats, and other odd topics

Is there such a thing as a normal homeschooling day? We’re in our third week of school and still not two days have been alike. Today one of the children was sick. She was sick the day before too, but I didn’t really believe it. How was I to? She never actually gets sick and she has been awfully lazy lately. So, finally convinced, I let her sleep in this morning. She may have had a slight fever but fevers are something my kids never get much of, even if they’re truly sick. The other two school age kids slept in as well. I suppose I should have waken them but I figured they might need the sleep as much as her.
What did I do? I tried again to make some homemade bread. I haven’t given up. The bread was pretty good, but kind of heavy. I’m not sure why I keep having problems. I have fresh wheat that I grind, though it does seem pretty coarse. Today’s recipe was a buttermilk and honey recipe. It kneaded well, even rose well. It just seemed kind of dense. I wouldn’t mind learning how to make soft light bread at home. Not exactly white but certainly less dense.
After the bread making and the breakfast fixing there was no time for school before music lessons. The oldest, the sick one, stayed home and watched the youngest while the two boys and I went to the lessons. Their music instructor is an interesting man. Really difficult to describe, but very talented and very good with the kids. They’ve improved a lot under his guidance, though they really do need to practice more. This instructor, however, is going through a difficult time. His father may be dying. Those of you who pray please add him to your prayers this next week.
After music we headed back home, stopping quickly at the grocery store for some meat that was on sale. I was just driving down the road next to mine and I said to the kids to look out the window. There were four covered wagons being drawn by mules coming our way. Not exactly something I expected to see today, though not so strange as to cause any discomfort. (Apparently, Benson is having Mule Days this weekend.) Just yesterday I pulled off the side of the road to help an older lady corral a couple of stray cows. Living around here can be fun.
We are currently on “goat watch” due to a goat that may or may not have a kid in the next couple of weeks. The worst thing is I don’t know when she’s due because I didn’t breed her. I bought her in May when they sold her and her four month old son. Her previous owner told me with certainty that she was pregnant then. So the best I can figure is she could have her kid anytime between now and the end of October. She does suddenly look heavier.
The boys finally started their school after lunch today and one of them only just now finished. (They ran off to cub scouts in the middle of school). The sick one managed to go to her economics class tonight. We were all finally home tonight around 9:30. I read some more of Hiawatha to my 4 year old, she asks me to read from it every night. It’s eleven now, and I’m hoping to get to bed after I send this out.
That was yet another homeschooling day for you. What did the kids learn today? They learned about time management, about music, about cooking bread, about money, about Shakespeare, about the Bible, and about taking care of a four year old. They learned the entire day through. Homeschooling is more of a life style than a school style. Everything we do we include the children. They learn right beside us sometimes. The older boy learned how to pick up a bucket of rocks, just like the younger one did not long ago. Hopefully learning in the process that, despite being a teen, he still has to respect his parents.
Tomorrow? Who knows?
Thanks for reading, good night!

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