Friends and Family

There are some things in life that are hard to measure. The value of a friend being one. As we grow up from being children we begin to learn that friends are more than playmates. Friends are people who we can count on and don’t require explanations when we mess up. Friends love us freely.
There are different kinds of friends too. Some friends are more like family members, friends just because we were put together by someone else. People we know more about than we probably should for not being related. These friends can be some of the best. You know when you visit, that no matter what, you are welcome. We visited some friends like this recently. Bringing my large family to visit (despite the fact that we totally take over their house when we are there) these friends made sure to make us feel welcomed and wanted. These are friends that need to be cherished. There are other friends that are friends because of circumstance. We all homeschool, or we all have kids the same age, or we go to the same church. These are friends we don’t actually know a lot about. People who can be a joy to be around just for the break from the everyday. We might not know much about their lives outside of what we actually share. But these friends serve a great purpose. These are the friends that keep you sane. These friends understand what its like to be with their kids all day every day, on purpose. They understand that you love your kids more than anything in the world but at the same time that you need a break or a place to vent. These are the friends that you won’t see unless you make the effort to go and be with them. All of them have the potential of becoming close friends but only if an effort is made.
It’s not actually easy to be a friend sometimes. For me it’s much easier to stay home and mind my own business. Sometimes I feel rather split about it. There are days when I’d be just fine never seeing another person in the world outside my own family. There are other days when if I don’t get away from my family I think I may go insane. Yet still other days, when being around anyone is completely draining and all I long for is my room devoid of all humanity.
There are special friends as well. Those that you can pour your heart out to.  Those whom you can count on no matter what.  People who know the good and the bad about you and still love you. These friends you mustn’t let go of, no matter what.
A friend, no matter the manner of obtaining, is one of life’s most valuable assets. Remember to count yourself lucky to even have just one. Love your friends, be there for them, strengthen them, pray with them, and just be with them. To you out there who are my friends, thank you. A thousand times, thank you.

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