One of the things I’ve had to do recently is decide what it is I believe. What do I believe about God? Creation? Education? Taxes? Government? What are my beliefs with regard to families and their structure? What do I believe about freedom? What’s right in my mind? Why is it right? Could I be wrong? And do I really want my “friends” to know what I believe. The last one is the hardest. I know for a fact that I disagree with some of the people that I interact with almost daily. What do I do? I avoid the subject of the disagreement. Especially when it comes to politics. Those who know me well know that I’m highly conservative in my leanings. Am I outspoken? No. Should I be? Good question.
Some things are easy to believe. God? That’s the easiest. Just look around or learn a little bit of science. There is no way our world could be as diverse as it is with things working so well together for there not to be a god. Look at the tiniest atom and then look at the largest galaxy. How could it all happen by chance? Big Bang? What did it start from? Nothing? Where did that come from? What was the beginning? What came before that? You see, God is the simplest of answers not the hardest. God doesn’t conflict with science, science merely shows us what God did, little by little. Science is the study of learning how God works.

So what do I believe?  I believe that God loves us and wants us to love each other as we love ourselves.  I believe that people do wrong things, and that sometimes it’s really hard to do what’s right.  I believe that most people really do know what is the right thing to do.

There are some really tough questions out there.  Like, get an abortion?  Some can answer that question with ease, absolutely not.  Others may ask: how old is the mother?  will she actually survive giving birth?  will the baby live after being born?  is the baby really a baby yet?  does it matter?  Abortion is one of those things that it’s good to know what you believe before the question comes up.  Another tough question is:  do you provide medical treatment to someone who’s dying anyway?  Palliative care?  What about the young possibly healthy child?  Does it matter the age of the patient?  What about on the battle field?  Do you risk your life to rescue another who will die anyway?  What about assisted suicide?  What about the horrid, hopefully never happens, question of rescuing one of two children?  Who do you choose?  All tough questions.  Sometimes there is a right and a wrong answer and sometimes there’s no right answer available.  You can’t abstain, you can’t not rescue either child because of not being able to rescue both.  You make a judgement call and you do your best.  You may have made a different decision at a different time but you just do your best with the information that you have.  And forgive yourself afterward.

So what do you believe?  It’s not as easy a question as you may think.  I pray you choose what you know is right and that you learn to tell the difference.   May God help us both.


2 thoughts on “beliefs?

  1. Appreciate the post. Not everyone wants to have to be honest with themselves or others. It’s not always easy but it’s worth it.


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