Bragging rights

I am riding on the wind.  I have just returned from camping with my Venture Crew, Venture Crew 320.  Our crew has some of the most beautiful women there are, both inside and out.  They decided to participate in a high adventure race.  The race had a time limit of six hours.  In that time they had to climb a forty foot tower(the hard side if you know anything about climbing towers), kayak around a lake, find an unknown item, use orienteering skills, mountain bike on terrain meant for leaving alone and find several points of interest only locateable from specific coordinates.  Once the time was up they needed to be back at the shelter, losing points for each moment late.  My girls were second place by ten seconds.  Every one who took part in the race was stretched and challenged in amazing ways.  Points were given for finding and doing each part.
     The teams were able to “attack” the race in any order they chose.  When it was time to start every team chose to go in different directions.  The first part of the race was on foot.  Afterward they took their bikes to find each of the points.  About four hours in the race one team called in to say they were lost and then, shortly after another team was lost.  After they received advice based on where they were they were left to their own devises.  All of the young men and women were on their own until the time was up.  We adult leaders waited anxiously when the six hours were up and no one was back.  After about 15 minutes we saw two teams coming in.  What a great moment that was!  The third team  finally showed about ten minutes later.  The adult leaders were discussing where they likely were and about to go and find them to pick them up when we heard the first bike of the last team coming down the road.  We are so proud of all of the venturers.  They finished a race meant to challenge endurance, knowledge and team cohesiveness.  Every one surpassed all of our expectations.

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