A Venture Weekend

Wow! What a weekend!  This weekend I had the opportunity to hang with some of the best young adults there are.  I’m a Venture Crew Advisor and we just got back from a weekend campout.  We played hard the entire time.  The weather was perfect, the nights were cool.  My girls (I call them mine  because I love them more than I ever imagined.)  made me so proud.  They challenged themselves on a high ropes course. They all made it through the course, several feet off the ground.  For the ropes course, you are tied in for safety and you have to walk on these high wires and hopefully not fall.  Some times you have something to hold on to and sometimes you have slanted wires to walk on or moving wires to walk on.  The course is a challenge and all of my girls made it despite several who were scared to death of heights.  At the end you get take the zip line down.  They (we) loved it.
    We also did the climbing tower.  We climbed up the forty foot tower and helicopter repelled down.  Some of us more than once.  My girls rocked!  It was hard work and they took the challenge and didn’t quit or give up.  I have to tell you, my girls are the best out there.
     We had a lot of fun doing other things as well.  We fired shotguns at skeet and fired muzzle loaders and pistols too.  My ladies are much better shots than I am.  You guys better watch out out there.  These girls are good!  They’re beautiful and smart and dangerous.  Don’t mess with them.