I’m In!!!

I did it!  I truly wasn’t sure if I could, but I did.  I really did make it in.  I have been accepted into the Pharm D program. (Pharm D is the program all pharmacists must go through in order to work.)  I did have to reapply.  I had to work my tail off just to get the interview.  I’m a mom, I know that some things in life are worth working hard for and some things are hardly worth a minute of time.  My kids, their education, their morals; those are things worth the effort required.  The floor being swept, the dishes clean; those are things that are nice but not necessary.  

About two months ago I had to make a decision on whether being in the professional Pharm D program was worth the effort or not. Was it something I wanted badly enough?  Was it something that in the end was worth the work, the hours, and the money, to do?  I decided to do some more research.  I went to the head of the department of Masters of Pharmaceutical Sciences, of which I was a student.  He and I spoke for a long time.  We hashed out what I really wanted to do and why.  I defined my fire for science and decided I wanted this program more than anything else.  I now had the most important thing needed for success, I had a why.  I needed more experience.  I’m thinking, “here I am, a student, a mother, a wife, a friend, and a daughter… how am I going to get more experience? When do I have time to do that?”  I spoke with more instructors at the school and in the pharmacy departments.  I went to a doctor’s office and shadowed a pharmacist.  I went to a pharmacy and shadowed the folks working there.  I asked questions, I read articles, I prepared.  Then I resubmitted my application.  Nothing.  I heard nothing for days.  Two weeks went by.  This was taking too long, every other week they were conducting interviews to fill the program.  Every week there were less spots available for me.  I was running out of time.  I went to the admissions office, I asked about my application.  They didn’t have everything they needed.  I called Pharm Cas, the company through which everyone is required to apply.  I called the PCAT test center, PCAT is the test required for entrance into pharmacy school, my scores had to be resent.  I emailed my scores directly to admissions.  I needed another reference, two of mine hadn’t been turned in.  I asked one of my instructors if he would write me a letter of recommendation, and I had another instructor willing to do so as well if I needed it.  By now I had met or spoken with practically everyone who would be on the committee to determine if I would be accepted into the Pharm D program.  Still, no news.  I went back to admissions.  While I was waiting, she accepted two more students into the program.  Then she looked at me with a smile and asked me, ” would you rather come in this Friday or next Thursday?”  I had my interview!  I would have never gotten that interview if I hadn’t worked hard for it.  I had to be my own advocate.  No one else was trying to put me into the program.  If I wanted it I was going to have to do it.  

Yesterday, I was accepted.  Yesterday, I proved that hard work and long hours and an “I’m going to make this happen” attitude work.  I left my interview knowing that I had done my best and there was nothing more I could do.  I was wearing a black suit with a light yellow blouse, my hair in a braid.  But that wasn’t what made the difference.  What made the difference, was that I proved to the committee that this was something that I wanted, that I was good for the position and that they could count on me doing my very best.  What I proved to myself was that: despite being turned down, being told that I might not want to do something because it was hard and it just might not be for me.  Despite all of the nay sayers, I proved to myself, that if I want something, I have to go out and get it.  There isn’t a soul on this planet that is going to do it for me.  And if you want something, the same thing applies to you.  If you want something badly enough, you are going to have to do it.  You could just keep on going along in life letting it happen to you.  But not me, I am going to happen to life.  This is my life and no one else’s.  I’m going to make it happen.  Four and a half years from now I’m going to be a Doctor of Pharmacy, my life will look a lot different when I’m done.  My family will be better off for it too.

What did I do when I found out? I ran upstairs and jumped in bed with my kids, tackling and wrestling them.  I wanted to cry, I was so relieved.  Now?  It’s a little scary.  I know getting in is just the first step.  I have a lot of classes I have to pass between now and then. But, I look forward to it.

thanks for reading,