Kombucha fiasco

Kombucha is a mushroom that people use to make an acidic drink that tastes somewhere between sweet tea and vinegar. It grows in my laundry room in a five gallon bucket with a spout near the bottom… This isn’t usually a problem. However, when my seven year old opens the bench freezer, that just happens to have the bucket of Kombucha on top of it… Well, I just want to say that I love my children very much, even her. My laundry room needed cleaning anyway. A shout out to my oldest son who came running with towels when I called for him. It’s an hour later. We had to move the washer and the dryer to get the puddles from under them. We lifted the freezer as best we could to get under it. We moved the shelves that go from ceiling to floor to get under them. I sopped up the mess and then sprayed with some cleaner and wiped that up. Oh, and the floor is wood… It stills smells like we spilled three gallons of vinegar. I wonder how long it’s going to last. I wonder if the floor is clean enough. I wonder if there’s any chance we can get under the freezer better…