learning new things

What have I learned today? How can I say it? I’ve learned so much recently, comes with being in school. Today, though, did I actually learn anything? I seek to learn everyday, even if it’s just something small. Recently I’ve learned a lot about glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, and many other biochemical pathways. I’ve learned things about the human nervous system, and things about pin worms. All at school. I’ve also learned some less tangible things. Recently I’ve learned some things about myself. I’m a complicated sort of person, and I bet you are too. What is life if you don’t continue to grow? What good is it to wake up five years from now and be the same exact person you are today, no better, slightly fatter, slightly lazier, and five years older? It’s no good. People need to grow. I need to grow. I love the feel of my brain growing new connections. I love lying down at night and feeling my brain trying to store all of the important information and trying to sort out the good from the bad. We are marvelous beings! I love learning to trust myself. You’d think that at my age I would have a relatively good idea of how I feel about certain things. Well, I do and I don’t. That’s some of what I’m learning lately. I’m learning that my ideas about life don’t have to match yours and that it’s ok to be different. I’m also learning that it’s ok to feel excited, or sad, or nervous, or happy, or even scared. It’s not ok to have those things forced on you but it is ok to feel that way. I heard a great line today, “Is Superman brave? No. NO! you say, but he’s a hero! No. No because he has nothing to be scared of. He knows he won’t get hurt when he comes to the rescue. Superman isn’t brave. Being brave means acting even when you are scared, if you’re not scared you’re not brave.” Is life scary? Is the future uncertain? You bet! Life is full of uncertainties. But uncertainties make life fun too. So go out there, live your life. Have fun, be scared, act anyways and live. It’s your life and no one else’s, make the best of it.

thanks for reading,


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