Brain dump

Sometimes I just need to write. My brain is so full of so many things that it’s hard to separate out what’s going on. Sometimes it’s hard to think straight. Writing helps me do what I lovingly call a “brain dump”… It’s kind of like a computer download. I sit at my computer and I type until I feel like I can think clearly again. I once read somewhere that the best way to write anything, is to just start. Don’t plan so much, the planning will come as you just begin. That’s true in life with lots of things. The hardest thing to do with any project is just start, just getting on that train.  Once you’re on the train all you have to do is hold on for the ride.  In school, it’s a lot like holding on. My instructors just give me assignments and due dates, it’s up to me to get them done… Having a deadline helps me to accomplish more than I ever expected. If you’re like me and need to clear your mind try doing a brain dump… One rule, there are no rules, just write whatever comes to mind until you feel better. It’s amazing how well it works. Give it a try.  One warning, though, you might actually like it.

Thanks for reading,


Being little

Just a small picture of what it’s like to be me… Not that you want to be me but just in case you wanted to know what its like. I’m sure some of you do, the ones who actually know what the top of a refrigerator look like, I’m sure you’ve wondered what it’d be like to be small… Right?  Well, maybe not.  But in any case… here’s a little snippet…I’m little, I like it. I never have any trouble reaching things on the ground. I can use a ladder to reach up high, or just ask someone. I don’t mind asking people to reach things for me. I like being small. I know a lot of people bigger than me, not really hard to do. I’ve always been small for my age and I try not to get smaller now that I’m older.  I don’t say things like “when I was little…” instead I say things like “when I was younger…” it makes more sense. Besides, most of my friends laugh when I say “when I was little..” That’s cool, I’ve got some great friends. My friends are all bigger than me, no surprise there. My kids make a giant deal of finally being taller than Mom, I laugh and say it wasn’t that hard to do. It’s fun being me. Once in a while, though, being small can be a little hard… I just don’t think I could defend myself well against someone who intends to harm me. Most men out weigh me by at least fifty pounds, and the taller ones out weigh me two to one, easily. So what does a lady like me do? Most of the time I just try to be on the big guy’s good side. It’s easier that way.  Get yourself some big strong friends and you don’t have to worry that much about being small.

Thanks for reading!