Christmas Puzzle Mania

Christmas puzzles are fun.  Each year, I get to do a puzzle.  I try to do one every year and usually its a lot of fun and done within a day or two because, usually, everyone jumps in to help.  This year I bought a 1000 piece puzzle by Thomas Kincaid… He does a lot of pictures of scenery with different plays on light.  I like his work… But.  When you put all of the pieces of a puzzle by him face up there’s a lot of blue, and blue-gray, and blue-green, and bluish white, and greenish brown, and green and … well, as my husband said, “it’s all blue, I’m not helping…” I sat and looked at it and dove right in.  After a few minutes the pieces did start to look a little different.  I began to see patterns and was able to start putting pieces together.  I did the outside first and then started on the middle… I bought the puzzle the day after Christmas. Today is the twelfth of January.  This beautiful puzzle has been sitting on my table for the last three weeks.  Everyday getting just a little more done.  Once in a while one of the kids would sit with me for a few and get a few pieces together.  But, today, as it was finally coming together, and because the table space was wanted, we attacked the puzzle.  Over the last several hours we’ve finally finished it… And the best part of all is what we did afterwards.  My children and I turned that sucker over and started numbering it in different colors. Mind, we didn’t all use the same system, and we didn’t all go in the right order.  Many of the numbers are random and many times it looks as if there is an order and then it switches… We drew pictures, hand prints, and pictures… Then we flipped it back over and tore it up! Someday we may pull that one out again and think it’ll be easier, but it won’t.  It’ll just be more fun, and full of memories.

thanks for reading,