Wow! What a ride!  Another year of school is behind me and I’ve passed all of my classes.  I’ve worked harder than I thought I could, learned more than I knew needed learning, and got better grades than I thought possible.  I’ve made new friends, and gotten to know more people, learning more about myself in the process.  Guess what!  I’m worthy.  I’m worth improving, I’m worth working toward a better life.  I’m worth all of the hard work that has needed to be put in.  I’m worth it.  Guess what else!  So are you.  By allowing myself to be me, I’m unintentionally giving you permission to be who you are as well.  We don’t have to hide behind someone else.  We don’t have to wait for permission any more.  We can and we will do this thing called life.  We are worth it.  What is the alternative anyway?  The time will pass regardless of whether we decide to live, to grow.  The time will continue to march forward without caring about what happens.  We will get older or we will die.  Why not live abundantly while time marches on?  Why not let ourselves feel childish? Why not let ourselves make mistakes?  The biggest difference between those who “succeed” and those who don’t is that those who succeed fail more often.  Yup.  They fail and they pick themselves back up and they keep on going and then they fail again.  But the difference is they keep on picking themselves back up and they never turn back and they never quit.  So if “failure is not an option” is your motto you might not get anywhere.  How about let’s see how much we can fail… see how we can fail forward and keep on getting up?  Time moves on anyway, today will never come again and yesterday won’t either.  Tomorrow is only a dream… so let’s keep on pulling ourselves up and push ourselves forward no matter what.  I’ve run with this program fearing failure the entire way, but my fears were not warranted… and even if they were, and there were a few times I thought that I was going to fail, even if that had happened… I’d much rather live life failing than quit.  Failing forward.  Always forward.  One small or big step at a time, but always forward… Come and join me, it’s a great ride!

Thanks for reading,