To think or not to think

There truly is so much wonder out there. And people just live their lives on autopilot, missing the most minute of miracles. I wish I could share my vision, my love of life and of others. I mark the birds in the field when I drive by, the hawks in the sky, the sunset and sunrise, the beauty in the clouds, the fog, the amazing intricacy of life itself, down to the tiniest of atoms up to the giant expanse of the galaxies… how can so many people not see these things? Even the simplest of sounds, water rushing by, waves on a beach, soup sizzling in a pot… these things are miracles. How come no one is amazed like I am? My children have some of this, true. One keeps finding out amazing new things and wants to tell me about them, yet I am not amazed because they are not new to me. He gets frustrated that I already know these things. I don’t want to dampen his spirits, his spark. How many really sit and think? True, I spend a lot of time avoiding thinking about some things but I do spend time on things that don’t go there. To know that you are thinking is being sentient? Is it when you began to think? Or is when you begin to know that you were thinking? Do people still think? Does the world feel this raw and new to everyone else? I don’t think it does. It feels as if all of my neurons are on, all of the time. My own beautiful chaos. Wrapping around itself, weaving in and out of the files that I have… I do have an amazing mind. The spiraling in and out of memories and then the complete noticing of what runs through… No wonder I have a hard time paying attention! People speak so slow, read so slow, I’ve already traveled through time over and over again in a sentence. Is there no one like me? There are many I’m sure. But if you are like me you don’t let others know. Can we not just go back to the purity of youth? Let us see the newness of life through untainted eyes. What are your thoughts my dear reader?


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