Freedom?  What is it?  How do you claim it? Do you want it?

The freedom I’m thinking of now is the freedom to be.  The freedom to be who you really want to be, the person you were meant to be… Freedom is a mindset that breaks through barriers.  This mindset is something that many don’t quite grasp.  What is it like to have the mindset of freedom?  It leads to power.  Power over your actions and power over your thoughts.  Power to change your mindset from negative to positive… It’s experiencing life daily, hourly, moment by moment.  It’s acknowledging your past and living into your future.  It’s allowing yourself to love yourself again.  Freedom is a way to find peace…

No matter your financial standing, no matter you marital status… no matter whether you are a loner or always around people… what you think and what you believe represents who you are.  The problem so many have, myself included, is that we forget that some of our beliefs are made unconsciously.  When we believe something to be true we don’t question it.  If for instance you believe the sky is blue then it is blue, if you believe you are beautiful then you are beautiful… these are fine beliefs… the problem is when you believe you are worthless, or ugly, or stupid, or incapable, or powerless, or … fill in the blank… these negative beliefs are not questioned and so we lose our freedom.  We lose our freedom to choose because we do not believe that we can.

What if we could redesign our thinking?  What if we could look at our beliefs and realize their true place… what if we can untangle the knots around our beliefs and see the true reasons for them… I’ve been untangling knots lately.  I had very strong beliefs that I was stupid, unworthy, helpless, guilty… and as I started to untangle the knots… as I started to get the input of others… as I began to really look at why I believed those things I found something amazing…

I found that my beliefs were built on those of a child in a bad place at a bad time.  My beliefs were set in stone for situations for which I had absolutely no control.   As I pulled on the strands of the knots around each of these, as I began to question why… I discovered that they were false.  I am not stupid, in fact I’m quite capable and a very quick learner… I am not unworthy, in fact I’m a child of God and I have worth just because I am me… I am not helpless, in fact I’ve managed to move mountains to get where I am today and I’ve done that with very little outside influence… I am not guilty, in fact I was forced and coerced, threatened, raped and beaten…

When I finished untying my knots in my soul, I discovered there was nothing wrapped up inside.  There was no reason for those beliefs.  I still have knots that I’m untying but I’m not as afraid to pull on the strings as I once was.  Now I am replacing my beliefs with faith. I now have the faith that I am capable, worthy, smart and innocent.  With this faith I can build a life that I love.  With this faith I can share who I really am and be who I really want to be.  Having this faith in a future to come is inspiring.  It is true freedom.

With this freedom I am now able to move forward and to help others.  I am able to appreciate my past for what it was, a learning experience.  I am now able to love others when they need loving.  Now I can be me.

Can you be you?  Do you need a little more faith?  Remember, it’s OK.  You are allowed to remember why you built your negative beliefs.  You can start asking why and you can grow alongside of me.  Together we can learn to be who we are meant to be and then others will realize that they also can be who they are meant to be.  Loving ourselves and others can be a wonderful thing.

thank you for reading,


4 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. “I still have knots that I’m untying but I’m not as afraid to pull on the strings as I once was.” What a lovely, well-crafted, honest string of words.

  2. “I still have knots that I’m untying but I’m not as afraid to pull on the strings as I once was.” What a lovely, well-crafted, honest string of words. ❤

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