I am enough 

I am enough.  I am more than enough. I’ve lived long enough,  I’m smart enough,  I’m capable enough.  I’m good enough.

It’s taken a while.  I’m still young enough to be able to enjoy the life I’m building.  And thankfully,  I’ve finally accepted that I am enough.

This is huge.  I’ve been chasing a shadow and always stopping myself because of the fear that I’m not enough.  The fear of ultimate failure, of the loss of my loved ones and the lost of respect for myself.

Declaring that I am indeed enough means that I can now quit beating myself up and I can now start to believe in myself and look for good, even great, things.

There is a renewed hope and faith that the future will come and that today is good. Yesterday has ruled me too long, it was there to teach me not to control me.

Today is where I live.  Today is what I need to be present to. The joy of realizing my completeness allows me to take the focus off of myself and place it on others. Now I can see clearly enough to help others find their worth.

I needed the time to focus on me.  I needed to learn to accept myself,  faults and all. And I needed to learn how to improve who I am and to learn how to live all over again. That is good.  The time spent crying and hating,  time spent focused on my past, was time well spent. I had to deal with things I’ve avoided for ever and I’ve had to heal. I could never give my all or be all I am if I hadn’t gone through my fires.

Don’t let yourself think you are being selfish when you are trying to figure it all out.  Don’t ever feel wrong for taking care of yourself. If more learned to do this very thing then fewer people would need help than do now.  It’s taken me all of these years to learn this. I’ve learned so much!  Trust myself? Believe myself? Honor myself?  How can someone love another if they’ve never learned to love themselves first?

Thanks for reading,


9 thoughts on “I am enough 

  1. This is terrific! Thank you. I find my voice through writing but you’ve said so much here and said it so well that I am going to print this and post it near my desk for those moments when i need validation.

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