Time. Time is a wonderful, terrible thing. It is always moving, never ending, never waiting. Time, forever, like an engine moving forward. Time, a friend to pull you out of yesterday, an enemy to throw you into tomorrow.  Time, uncaring, unstoppable. Time is the great equalizer.

“Precious time, oh how I long for you to move quickly or slowly. How I long for you to work for me.”

“Time, why don’t you slow down for a few. I want to stop and breathe. I want a chance to collect myself before you move on.”

“Dear time, please move quickly to this, I cannot wait longer! I want so much to be there already. Dear time, why don’t you listen to me?”

“Time? I know you are there. Why is it you do not listen? Why don’t you act as if you care?”

Time speaks, “Oh but I do listen, it is you who do not understand. You need for me to move you from your past.  Your past?  It kills you.  You need me to pull you to the present, you’ve been in the past long enough.  The future? I never go there. That is but your imagination. I cannot do anything other than bring you to now. Right now. There is no other place than now.”

“But Time? How come I cannot go there? The future? I want so much to be done with this now.”

Time speaks again, “There are rules that must be followed. No one escapes these. I wait for no one and I always move forward. There is no choice for me and none for you. Accept this and life is better.”

“Accept this? I want only to relax and to live. I want to skip the rough stuff and move on to the good. Is this wrong? Why is it is so hard to live? Time, you scare me.”

“If you learn to accept me then life will be simpler. Recognize that I can be your friend. If you accept who I am and allow yourself to be with me this moment and no other you will find life in a different light.”

“Time? You are a seductress, You want me to be with you and not fight you. How is this good? I’ve learned from my past and I do not trust well.”

“Leave your past! It does not empower you. Trust me, I am older than all things. For nothing has ever existed without me. There was no before Time. I know you and have always been with you, learn to be with me. I am the one who pulled you through your past, I am the reason it is no longer yesterday. Be with me, you will not regret it.”

“Thank you Time, for pulling me from then.  Life was very bad.”

“You cannot win a fight against me, but then neither can those who hurt you.  To you I can be a friend and to them an enemy. The choice is yours. Accept me and we will go through this day, this moment together.”

“Yes, Time, I will try. Please do not abandon me.”

“I have never abandoned you. Those moments when you do stop and breathe, when you notice the sunrise, the sound of the ocean waves. Those moments when you are not afraid. Those moments, those are when you feel that I go by slowly. Those are the moments when you allow me to be with you, when you do not fight me. When you accept me then your mind is quiet and the chaos is at bay.”

“That was you? I didn’t know. Thank you.”

“Shall we then? Let us do this life together.”

“Yes, Time. Let’s do.”

thank you for reading,



3 thoughts on “Time?

  1. Great read! I worry a lot about the past and what I think is the future. I’m constantly trying to remind myself to stay within the present. My feelings would be a lot better if I didn’t worry so much about the past and future because actually at the present moment, my life is going pretty well. It’s my worrying that makes it seem bad.

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