Marriage? Love?

What does a good marriage look like? Is it like the Cinderella story where they live ‘happily ever after’? One of the things I often wonder about is how I’ll know if I want to get married again. How will I know what a healthy relationship looks like? I mean, it’s not exactly like I’ve figured it out or anything. I can’t just say the opposite of what I’ve seen or lived through… maybe I can create it? But I don’t want to. I’m learning there are things I just don’t want to do and don’t even want to bother with lately. Like where is my passion, actually? Oh! I’m passionate. I am. I just don’t want a relationship. Is that wrong? Of course not. What I want is what I want and there’s nothing wrong with that. So what do I want if I don’t want a guy? Gosh… I want freedom, I want adventure, I want peace and time alone. I want to sit and relax and read or write and do whatever the hell I want to do. And if that means I want to be around other people then I can put myself somewhere there are lots of people. But live with another person? Go to sleep next to another person?? Makes me cringe… unless it’s my babies. I love my babies, I love snuggling my kids.

Just a few thoughts right now as life for some around me becomes even more complicated…

thanks for reading,



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