About Me

Who am I? That is truly a good question. I’m using this blog to help me figure that out.  I think a lot, and write a lot… but I only publish a little of what I write.

I’m an interesting sort, who loves life and looks forward to the future. I have four beautiful children who I have homeschooled their entire lives. I live an amazingly intricate life and I love it. I’m also a single mom, full time pharm student, and survivor. I know what’s it’s like to not want to live and I know what it’s like to truly Live. I hope my posts help you to think, help you to love yourself, and to ultimately make lives better.

thanks for reading,



8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. After reading several of your posts, you are a fighter and an overcomer for sure… Glad to know you’re a survivor and made it through… Way to be a voice to those who may be struggling… You’re so encouraging and uplifting, a motivator who inspires… Keep writing…

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