An Excellent Day

Yesterday was an excellent day.  With my life surrounded by chaos, yesterday I was able to create a bubble around myself and my kids. (Two of them, anyway.)  Our bubble of fun went wild all over the area.  We were going to make it a beach day but not all of us wanted to go to the beach so rather than stay home and pout, like I wanted to do, we played.  We started the day full of energy and had breakfast out.

My kids love playing Pokemon Go and so we put it on my phone and started searching for Pokemon at the nearest park.  After we caught some we went and picked up a couple of friends to join the fun.  Off we went to another, bigger park.  We stayed there for a couple of hours, found some Pokemon, played on the carousel and ate some yummy food. We walked a little over two miles just there.

Having to take their friends back home by a certain time, we decided to head out and get ice cream before dropping them off.  Ice cream around here means only one place. There’s a little ice cream shop that makes their own ice cream with their own recipes every single day.  They aren’t open year-long and so when they are open they are extremely busy.  Yesterday was beautiful and sunny and so off we went.  It took a little while to get our ice cream but it was worth it!   I think we had dark chocolate almond, cookie dough, and Oreo ice creams.  Delicious.

Once we sadly dropped off the friends we were not done.  The day was still young! Besides, I had promised to wear my kids out by the end of it and they still had some energy left.  I had wanted to go to the beach after all, I was going to make them suffer. So off we went to Sky Zone, a trampoline park.  I checked them in and “forced” them to go jump for an hour.  It was wonderful, finally sitting down and reading, for that hour.  The hour went by way too fast!

The day was almost done and they were finally tired.  I had succeeded in wearing them out.  So home we went.  Showers and dinner and bed.  What a lovely, excellent day.

thank you for reading,